Effortless Beauty


A gentle smile graces your lips, Sitting so easily with arms wide, Placed delicately on the wicker rests, Ankles crossed toes pointed, in bronze colored sandals. Perfectly imperfect angles of your frame, Create more than just an image, Of you in a chair looking at him, Maybe your smile is responding to the smile behind […]

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I See You (My Everything) – Poem

I see

I See You (My Everything) I see your favorite tiny stuffed bear nestled under your arm. I see your eyes bouncing dreamily under closed lids. I see a purple and yellow flower speckled blanket. I see you smile while you dream. I see your tiny fist rub your face sleepily. I see my hand patting […]

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Where Have I Been? My Current Struggle


I guess there should be a long philosophical explanation to answer this question, as it has been several weeks since I have posted a single word on here.  However, I do not have a long, drawn out answer as to where I have been.  Other than to tell you all that I have been struggling, […]

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November Intentions 2016 + Life Update

November 2016

The year is almost over… I literally can’t believe it’s November already.  It doesn’t feel like it’s almost Thanksgiving, considering it was 80 degrees yesterday.  Crazy right.  There was a reality check today though.  Today the temperature dropped to a high of 53.  The season is changing, and Autumn is definitely in full effect. I’ve […]

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October Intentions 2016 – What Are Your Goals This Month?

November Goals

I want to begin with an apology to the amazing bloggers included in this collaboration for my extremely late post this month.  Things have been completely out-of-order in my life, and I am just getting back to blogging in any form or fashion.  I hope you all sincerely accept my apology. Summer has ended and […]

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Uncertainty (Poem) + My body is failing me

Uncertainty This poem describes how I’ve been feeling for the past few months.  I’ve been dealing with intense migraines.  Not just regular migraines.  I’ve had migraines have lasted more than a week, with nausea, sensitivity to light sound and smell, as well as dizziness and weakness.  I was put on a particular medication, that caused […]

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September 2016 Intentions – What Are Your Goals?

August went by super fast.  I feel like I didn’t really get a chance enjoy or experience the month to its fullest because it breezed by so quickly.  I am, however, excited to start anew by declaring what I intend to do in the month of September.  Each month is another opportunity to assign small […]

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Hidden Pain – Addiction


Gaunt Frail Dry Raggedy His home Streets Looking Craving Itching Chasing Searching for Illusion Want Need Lust Pain Cannot live Without Steal from his mama Sell his body Rob his neighbor Nothing can stop him His addition covers Hidden pain His heart needs healing And his pain is undeniable His veins show the scars That are […]

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I Am

Overlooked and underutilized, Why can you not see that you need me? When all you count on are gone, Who is always with you? Heartbroken and heavy burdened, You return, Only after you have turned to another for Comfort only I can give. I soothe Lonely and lost, You return, Only after you have scraped […]

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